What Happens if You Are Arrested for Soliciting a Prostitute?

The crime of soliciting a prostitute includes a number of consequences for anyone who is caught in the act. Despite what some people believe, prostitution is not illegal in any state, no matter what it is called. If you’ve learned this the hard way, you probably wonder what to expect when your day arrives in court.

Talk to a Lawyer

Talk to a lawyer. It is important to go to court with a component attorney there to represent the case and ensure that you get the best legal advice. There is less risk of a conviction if you have a lawyer by your side. Most lawyers offer free, no obligation consultation to discuss your case in detail.


There are also fines you are responsible to pay if you are found guilty of this charge. The fines include court costs and fines for the actual charge. Failure to pay these fines can lead to serious trouble later down the line.

Complete Programs

Many people who are convicted of solicitation of a prostitute is ordered to take a john school diversion program to avoid time in jail. You are responsible for the costs of these classes. You learn a variety of information in the class.

Jail Time

Soliciting a prostitute is a misdemeanor charge, but that doesn’t mean it won’t land you in jail. If you are convicted of this time, the judge may order you to spend up to 11 months, 29 days in jail. That is the last consequence that you want to receive.

john school diversion program

Being charged with a crime is scary, especially one of this nature. The above penalties are among the many that may come in the event you face this charge. Talk to a lawyer and protect yourself and your rights.