How Often Do You Visit Optometrist?

The authoritative recommendation suggests that you should be visiting the optometrist as much as once every second year, or every other year. Many people are still guilty of foregoing this regular optometrist halifax consultation in the sense that once they have received their prescribed glasses or spectacles, their eyes will be just fine. They perceive that they are able to read and do a number of things a lot better.

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And invariably it seems as though they do. To many it certainly feels that way. But here’s an interesting thought. Say now that you are a generally healthy person. You eat right, more or less, so maybe there’s no risk of you contracting type 2 diabetes perhaps. And you do a modest amount of exercise throughout the week. Even taking your hound out for its twice a day walk around the neighborhood qualifies as good exercise.

And your work hours are kept in good check. Let’s just say that you have a healthy work/life balance. You are never overworked. And you always remember to make time to enjoy yourself, in a healthy sort of way, of course. Oh, and that’s another thing. You’re getting at least six to eight hours sleep a night, uninterrupted. No stress, no mess. But what the heck!? Why are you still feeling so darn tired? Could it be that your eyes have weakened considerably?

Could it be that, without realizing it, you’re overworking your eyes? That’s quite possible. It tends to happen as you grow older. No matter how healthy you are, it’s quite natural for some of your vital organs, your eyes included, to start weakening. Even having to ask someone to repeat themselves every other sentence owing to not being able to hear them properly can be quite tiring.