Alcohol Drinking Tips

Drinking alcohol is an action that many adults do in social situations as a part of a daily ritual.  Drinking to excess or drinking under the age of twenty-one is not a wise decision.  Many that apply for the texas alcohol permit will tell you that drinking responsibly is a sign of maturity and should be followed throughout life.  If you drink you want to follow these tips to ensure that you are doing it safely.

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Have a designated driver

Drinking and driving is never an option.  When we drink our bodies and minds become impaired.  Through this impairment our mental functions are decreased, our physical reactions are slowed, and our judgment is impaired.  To ensure that you and everyone else on the road makes it home safely find a designated driver before you start drinking.  This person will be sober and able to get you and others home safely.

Don’t drink on an empty stomach

If you are going to drink don’t drink on an empty stomach.  When we drink on an empty stomach, we have nothing protecting our blood from the alcohol.  The one thing that helps absorb or fight alcohol effects is protein.  Eat nuts and other foods high in protein.  Also, maintain a balance as well.  Having too much food and alcohol can have a negative reaction as well.

Set limits

Don’t binge drink.  If you are drinking to get drunk, then you are not drinking for the right reasons.  In order to be a responsible drinker, you need to set limits.  You want to have no more than two beers per hour.  You want to drink each drink slowly and don’t down them.  Your body needs to adjust and absorb the alcohol.

Don’t drink to kill emotions

Many will drink because they are emotional.  They are stressed, tired, angry, depressed or feel a combination of emotions.  When we drink to kill our emotions, we are not helping ourselves feel better, we are only prolonging the pain.  Since alcohol is a downer, we are only going to make ourselves feel worse when we sober up. 

When consuming alcohol use these tips to start you down the path of drinking responsibility.